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Attend a Lincoln Culinary Institute Open House in Shelton, CT.

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Attend a Lincoln Culinary Institute Open House in Shelton, CT.

Step into the dynamic world of Culinary Arts at Lincoln Culinary Institute in Shelton, CT. Here, you’ll cook, slice, bake and prep appetizing dishes and cuisines from around the globe.

Our Open House Schedule

  • Walk in Thursdays —  from 10 AM – 1 PM

Dates and times are subject to change. Please contact us for more information.

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Programs for Every Taste

As a chef-in-training, you will learn the ins-and-outs of the restaurant and food industries focusing on one of the following programs:

Turn cooking into a career as you train with caring and highly qualified chefs at Lincoln’s culinary art schools. At Lincoln Culinary Institute you will:

  • Receive hands-on culinary training in French, Asian, Mediterranean, Latin and American cooking, along with professional baking and pastry techniques.
  • Work with seasoned culinary professionals in kitchens equipped with industry-standard equipment, tools and utensils needed to prep food masterpieces.
  • Master advanced cooking skills like contemporary food reception, presentation and knife skills.

The Culinary Arts and Food Services program is accredited by the prestigious American Culinary Federation Education Foundation Accrediting Commission (ACFEFAC).

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There’s a beauty in baking; create gorgeous desserts that not only look good, but taste delicious. At Lincoln Culinary Institute, you’ll learn to bake like a professional chef in our International Baking and Pastry program.

From classic baking techniques to tricks and tools that give you added flair, a career as a Pastry Chef opens the doors to job opportunities across the globe! At Lincoln Culinary Institute you will:

  • Learn technical knife skills and baking techniques from Certified Master Bakers, Certified Executive Chefs, Certified Culinary Educators and Food Service Management Professionals.
  • Create elaborate centerpieces with chocolate, truffles, candies and more.
  • Master artisan bread making and Viennoiserie, candy making, croissants, cookies and éclairs.

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Invest in Yourself

Affordability should never be an issue when making the decision to go to school. That’s why Lincoln’s Financial Aid representatives are equipped with the knowledge to help you figure out the best ways to finance your future.

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Cooking isn’t just something you do – it’s an exploration into ingredients and flavors from around the globe to create works of art, with plates as your canvas. Turn cooking into a career as you receive the foundation for Culinary Arts School training from professional chefs at Lincoln Culinary Institute (LCI) schools in Shelton, CT and Columbia, MD.

Student Testimonial

Megan Chapdelaine | LCI Graduate

“Seeing the motivation and the joy that cooking and baking brings to the instructors, really makes it come alive for you as a student. It's motivating to try and get yourself to that level.”

Megan Chapdelaine | LCI Graduate